Seasons! Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter, Rainy. I learnt about seasons when I was a little girl. What’s your favorite, they’d ask, and I’d start to ponder…. Oh summer,for the mighty sun you open the door. With nights so short and days so long, you let me play along, a little more! Oh summer, you’re so […]

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The draft

  At the age of five, he spill his milk and his siblings laughed at him. At the age of ten, he mispronounced a word and his friends laughed at him. At the age of fifteen,  he fell while playing ball and the crowd laughed at him. At the age of twenty, he tried to […]

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The wishing star

For years together,she had been with the wrong men.The ones who disrespected her,the ones who lusted after her,the ones who deceived her and the ones who threw a deaf ear to all that she’s worth! Losing all her self respect,she did nothing but pray! She did nothing but wish! She did nothing but hope. She […]

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The passport

Most of us have this little blue book, probably one of the most treasured books in everyone’s life. Little pages covered with stamps, where each stamp signifies a dream fulfilled. Yes, I’m talking about the passport. Who knew that a tiny book as such would be a gateway to achieving so many things. I went […]

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The ‘intention’

I embarked my journey to climb the lofty hill. I just didn’t know how high it was. It was a mission I set for myself,to reach the top of the cliff and experience the aroma of the heights. Hence I continued to climb the hill taking a step at a time. The path that lay […]

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Silent shores!

It was the tenth of February 2016(precisely today!), the day I logged on to a social networking site and found something disturbing. Words refused to come out of me. I was sitting there, in my cozy little room, thinking of all the things that went wrong.(Or maybe right). I knew then, that I had to […]

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