Silent shores!

It was the tenth of February 2016(precisely today!), the day I logged on to a social networking site and found something disturbing. Tears started to replace the usually talkative lips. Words refused to come out of me. I was sitting there, in my unoccupied room, thinking of all the things that went wrong.(Or maybe right). I knew then, that I had to write.  To make the keyboard do something that my mouth refused to. That explains why I came with up this blog.

As I was pondering over few names to title my blog, I thought of a silent shore! A deadly silent sea shore! A sea shore that lures people towards itself, the mysterious waves which pull people closer towards the very sea that accommodates them. Why? Is it a trap to destroy those who fall prey for its beauty? Or is it because the sea wishes to own the person it loves for eternity? There is immense mystery behind the silent shores of a sea. These shores depict a picture of every woman who hides innumerous secrets behind her short smiles. Whose silent cries are never heard by those who can only notice her fake giggles. Hence ,the name : Silent Shores

Many readers ask me why I focus on misery, why my stories shed out tears and grief and why I can’t just focus on happy endings. My answer to you all: “Life is unfair and you have to live with it. Happy endings are not a myth,but they aren’t a guarantee either. Embrace the reality,embrace the pain,embrace the truth that there exists sorrow and you will grow stronger by encountering it. ”

Tragedy is my genre because I believe pain is universal and by writing about it I can connect to those who have been touched by misery.  That doesn’t mean that my work doesn’t involve happy endings or fairy tales. It will be portrayed in a realistic way. Where there is joy,there is pain and let it just stay that way because there is beauty in struggle just as there is beauty in coming out of struggle!

This blog is dedicated to those stories which go unnoticed. Those emotions which are profound enough to be felt only by the one who bears them.The posts written by me could be my own experiences, or something that I have seen around me. They could reflect the society that I live in, or they could mean nothing at all! I leave the interpretations to those who read them.


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