Not once, but twice!

They say love strikes you only once a lifetime. She thought so too, Until it happened to her, not once but twice.

The misery she had gone through a devastated relationship was compensated for when  she began to find love in someone else. ‘Pain’ made her fall in love, not once, but twice.

They say women who tend to fall in love again are insensitive. But have you heard of a story of a girl who dared to get her heart broken? Not once, but twice?

Love happened to her, for the first time when adulthood had just touched her. She did not know then, that she was about to experience a whole new set of emotions. First love has definitely delivered all its promises to her. She saw it all! The budding romance, the sheer cries, the first hug, the first kiss, the first dispute, the first compromise. Tears and laughs, anger and love. Little moments of joy and fewer moments of rift. But, above all she saw the comfort of his bosom, the spark in his eyes and the warmth in his hug.

Days passed and so did months, and one day, it had to end. Whoever said love stories were manifest didn’t hear her cries.  Her first love had  failed and with this, she failed herself for the first time!

Years passed in isolation. How could she love again? when she was afraid to fall. She couldn’t. Just when she thought there wasn’t love in store for her, she met him!

She knew he was trouble when he walked in. But there was something about him that pulled her closer to him. She was afraid to fall, not once, but twice.

Yet she let her fears aside, just to give herself away, not once, but twice.

She never knew then, that he too would make all her fears come true!

Yes,  he left her all broken and shattered.

Finding love was easy, but holding it on was the toughest thing she had to do. Hence she failed, not once, but twice.!

But whom would she blame? Broken heart once: Shame on them, broken heart twice, shame on her!


Lonely Girl in the night sitting in a tree above the water Stock Photo - 16212708



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