‘That song’ in a playlist!

Do you remember that song in your playlist?

Of your phone or your ipod?

That song, which you tend to skip through? No matter how many times you lose yourself listening to the songs in your playlist, there would be that one song you would always skip ,yet never delete.

Yes, you have your genres, you have your moods, you know which song demands to be heard when.. it just seems that that song doesn’t fit into any of your genres or moods.

Yet, you wouldn’t delete that song. Why would you? You know that you would need it. In one of those moods where no other song seems to fulfill your desires, that song comes to your rescue, to soothe you, to take you through a journey of nostalgia.

What is so special about that song? You ignore it often but can’t seem to let go of it thoroughly?

This is a story which all of us can relate to. We all have that song in our playlist which we show a deaf ear to. But there is something  about it that we cant seem to get rid of.

I realized then, this doesn’t just happen with songs, it happens with people too. It happened with her too!

She was that song in the playlist of his life.

Handsome,luring and irresistible.That is how he can be described. Women flocked around him and it was just a matter of few words to get them glued to him. She was there too, but not like the other women. She was that girl among the flock of many others.

He skipped through her often, took her for granted. Given that he had many others who would fit into his moods, he was indifferent to her emotions. Neglected and unplaced she felt. She tried to let go, she tried to find a place where she needn’t be that girl in someone’s life. Alas! he wouldn’t let her go, just like that song he never deletes. Hence she stayed there, neither moving further not backing away. She remained in that space of his life which scarred her the most. There were other girls who were candies to his eyes. Just like the other songs in his playlist. But there was something about her, just the way there was something about that song. She made him feel the way no one else did, she stood by him when no one else could. She could bring him up during his worst phases.Just something the other girls couldn’t. And so he coveted  her. He was addicted to the comfort in her words and the peace in her company That is why he could never let her go.

Hence she remained that way, being the song that he skipped through while he danced through the rest. Being the girl that he craved and neglected at the same time.Little did he know that he was letting go of his best investment! Little did he know that she was the only song that could surface him up when his heart hits the rocks!


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