The wishing star

For years together,she had been with the wrong men.The ones who disrespected her,the ones who lusted after her,the ones who deceived her and the ones who threw a deaf ear to all that she’s worth! Losing all her self respect,she did nothing but pray! She did nothing but wish! She did nothing but hope. She was the same girl who never believed in fate or miracles. She was the same girl who loathed fairy tales or a fictional prince charming. Hurt by misogynists again and again,she turned into a Cinderella who lost hope in reality and waited for a prodigy to rescue her!

She stay put every night and stared at the dark sky for the wishing star to grace the sky. There were so many things she wished for. So many unfulfilled dreams.. At least she thought so! She never understood what put her up all night. She failed to know which dream of hers stayed unrealized. She waited for the wishing star. But never quite knew what to wish for.

One day she sat on the terrace. With the man she met newly. She held his hands and tangled her fingers into his. He pulled her close and kissed her tenderly.For the first time, a man looked into her eyes with love,not lust!

That day the wishing star appeared in the sky .Yet,  she turned away and stared at him…. Satisfied! What would she wish for? When the missing piece of her puzzle stood right in front of her!



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