The draft


At the age of five, he spill his milk and his siblings laughed at him.

At the age of ten, he mispronounced a word and his friends laughed at him.

At the age of fifteen,  he fell while playing ball and the crowd laughed at him.

At the age of twenty, he tried to propose a girl and when the ring fell off his hand, his girlfriend  laughed at him.

At the age of twenty five, when he failed to get a good job, his wife laughed at him.

At the age of thirty five, when he struggled to use a new piece of technology, his kids laughed at him.

This is a story of a man who stopped believing in himself after the world has taught him not to.

When he failed again and again, one thing that went unnoticed was his fear to try something new.

Mockery! How easy is it to laugh at someone’s inabilities. Not even for a second do we pause and think about the impact our words have on a person’s self confidence.

Effortlessly we laugh at the vulnerabilities of others, at their inabilities, at things that they have no control over. It begins at a tender age, where we shut down a sibling who attempted to try something on his own. To us, it was an authority, a chance to showcase our sarcasm, a chance to stand out in a crowd by using unwarranted humor. At what cost? At the cost of making someone doubt their capabilities.

It happened with him. Again and again. From his childhood he had been a witness to everyone around him mocking at his flaws. As he grew up, his esteem came down. As he progressed in his age and education, his confidence was jeopardized. He feared to take initiative, he feared to accept responsibilities. He feared that if he failed to live up to the world’s expectations, he would be mocked at, again. Silently he sat wherever he went. When someone asked him to open a window, he still feared. People would laugh at him if he couldn’t open it in a go. When he uses a sink, he makes sure no one is around. In case the mechanism of the tap was different, people would laugh at him for failing to open a simple tap. He feared to do anything, try anything. That fear only grew in intensity as he aged.

One day, he saw an advertisement. An opening for a job. Voila! It was his dream job. Silently he looked at the job specifications. He had it all! All the skills and expertise required was at his fingertips. And why not? He had trained himself rigorously for this role. He typed a mail requesting for an interview. Every word in his resume was tailored for this job. His enthusiasm knew no bounds as he finished typing the mail. Just as he was about to click  on ‘send’, his room mate glanced through his desktop and laughed at him for misinterpreting his fit for the job. It happened again . Apparently, a guy who had known him for two weeks has passed such a comment! Done! The cursor moved from the send button and never went there again. The application remained a draft in his mailbox. Along with the mail,there died a dream.

Credits: To the sarcastic bitch in each one of us which murders the self confidence of thousands!

Through this post I plead you all! Let us try,let us make mistakes,let us learn,let us fall,again and again. Your only job is to either stay mum or lift us up! Let go of this catastrophic superiority because….

You never know how many dreams end up as drafts!



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